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Awarded by Indonesia Truested Contractor &


Best Excellence Service Contractor of the Year

Our company has 25 branches in Indonesia. We achieved 14 national awards, one of them attended by President of Republic Indonesia, President Jokowi. 

Our founder, Ms. Anita Feng, ST, MM had 7 years experienced working in multinational company with latest position as top management, make her fully understood international customer need and the importance of quality excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Our company has dedicated creative interior designer team, large capacity workshop and good quality wooden supplier, that made us one of the most trusted wooden furniture brand in Indonesia. 


We have our own workshop

By having our own workshop, we sell at very affordable and competitive price.


Seventy percent of project tender that we joined, we got the tender.


We are experienced with project from multinational companies, national companies, Embbasy office, hotels and luxury private houses and apartments in Indonesia. 


We got invited by several national televisions, magazines, tabloids for becoming their speaker and present about wooden furniture business and interior trend. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Our company values are :

1. Passion for Excellence

2. Continuous Improvement

3. Customer Satisfaction

4. Work with heart

Customer satisfaction is our biggest happiness. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Buying Royal Wooden Furniture means gives work vacancy for household mothers who works for support their family. 

Giving contribution to the society is one of our biggest concern. We would like to contribute by giving free training for those who would like to work but don't have the skill yet.

Anita Feng, ST, MM herself giving marketing and business training for the society as part of our commitment for better humanity. 

Luxury Apartment Standards

In Indonesia, our brand trusted by luxury apartments, luxury spa outlets, luxury private house, luxury hotels for supply their furniture. 

Our quality, consistency, and pricing, made us becoming one of most preferable brand for good quality wooden furniture with affordable price. 

We are open for international business opportunity by supplying furniture to your furniture outlets, new offices, new houses or news apartments. 

In need of new furniture? Look no further, we are the right answer! 

Customer Testimonial 
Ms Winnie Koo, Hongkong 

"Last year, I search new furniture for my apartment. I search in google and found out Royal Indonesia Masterpiece wooden furniture. I contact them, to get catalog and price list. I thought their design is stunning, price is affordable and customer service is very supportive as well. I choose the design, send them the measurement of my room, and start do purchase. 

When the package came, I can't agree more that Royal Indonesia Masterpiece had wonderful product quality with affordable price. Recommended brand! "

Isabella, Madrid Spanyol 

"I do love solid wood furniture very much. I look for good quality teak furniture on affordable price. I do google search, and I found out several supplier in Indonesia and China. I compare their customer service responsiveness, products catalog and pricing, finally I decided to buy from Royal Indonesia Masterpiece. 

When I open the pallet packaging, I saw very nice wooden furniture collection and happily arrange them at my house. Now, I have stunning interior design at my house, thank you very much Royal Indonesia Masterpiece. Two thumbs up!"  

Liani Anwar, Indonesia Broadcaster 

"I met with Ms. Anita Feng several times, for interviewed her about several business matters, such as : spa franchise, construction and interior, and I found out she and her team very passionade to give best service to their customer. All the best for Royal team." 



Trust defined is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of a business. In the term of business relationship this is known as "Integrity". Our business integrity restricted in the working attitude initial from fast response for all the upcoming inquiries, respectful, helpful, and to be advisor in the same time.


All these are related with product quality, on time delivery and competitive price. We have our quality control procedure to make sure the quality of our product. This control system applied since the goods in raw material, cutting, assembling, finishing, accessories, final check, packing and loading process. We believe that the goods have "value" more than that product is talk. How excellence is our service to customers the final decision is in the "product". If the product quality is acceptable in the market, then continues order will follow.


We have skillful and capable designer in research and developing new product considering many aspects like style, taste, dimension, and color even choosing appropriate material. We may not be able to running this business without any renewal and development. Therefore, we would like to convince our customers about our capability not only for wholesaler and retailer but also for projects especially for hotel project. We very welcome handling your hotel project with our original design. 

What we have done since in the beginning keep a good communication with customers, guard the quality control system and make sure that our customers received the order smoothly are a part of our attempt to minimize complaint. However, there are things that out of our prediction come up. Here we must be a problem solver. 

Awards & Achievements 
Indonesia Young Woman Future Business Leader

Awarded by Swa magazine (Leading business magazine in Indonesia) for Anita Feng, ST, MM (founder of Royal Corporation). 

1st Winner of Indonesia Young Entrepreneur 

Awarded by Bank Mandiri (leading bank in Indonesia) for Anita Feng, ST, MM (founder of Royal Corporation). This award also attended by Presiden of Republic Indonesia (Presiden Jokowi). 

1st Winner of Jabodetabek Young Entrepreneur 

Awarded by Bank Mandiri and Department of Trade Republic Indonesia. 

Winner of Swa Young Marketer Award 

Awarded by Swa (leading business magazine) to Ms Anita Feng, ST, MM for her achievements in marketing & brand management. 

9 Most Inspired women by Caring Colours Martha Tilaar 

Awarded by Caring Colours Martha Tilaar (leading cosmetic brand in Indonesia). From 1980 participants, elected 9 most inspired woman. 

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